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About The Root Cellar

Hygge /ˈhʊɡah/: the Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures. For us here at The Root Cellar, that means all things that make home even homier. Things that require us all to slow down, use our hands and connect with our food, our environment and especially each other.  Whether you're kneading dough or digging in your garden dirt…whether you’re making homemade pickles for a friend who’s expecting or looking for healthier more seasonal ways to feed your family, The Root Cellar has you covered. 

You’ll find a curated mix of do-it-yourself urban homesteading kits, supplies and gifts featuring the best in gardening, fermenting, preserving and other homesteading products with a flair for fun and modern kitchen décor.


We hope to help make life little more locally-focused and sustainable for the environment and a lot more fun.

So come visit us (starting April 2017) in Kutzky Market/Forager Brewery and find new, easy and fulfilling ways to add coziness and sustainability to your homestead, no matter its size.

“Where thou art, that is home."
-Emily Dickinson

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